Our Vehicles / Your Safety
Except perhaps for our mechanics, no one is more important to your safety than our drivers.

Recent research shows that 10,000 hours is the minimum threshold to be an expert in any field. Our 100+ drivers average over 13.5 years of commercial driving experience. Every one of our drivers exceeds the expert threshold, with the majority of our drivers exceeding by at least three times the threshold.

Every one of our drivers goes through an extensive and comprehensive six-step screening and testing process, prior to being hired. We hire only experience drivers, checking their references and driving records carefully. We assess their driving skills both in-house and on the road, including by multiple driving tests. After joining our team, we require our drivers to attend regularly our comprehensive in-house training program, which covers customer service and stresses safety.

Leave the driving to them.
"Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."

Our fleet consists of 60 new state-of-the-art luxury motorcoaches seating between 39 and 61 passengers. With all new model years, our entire fuel-efficient fleet meets the new EPA standards imposed in 2007.

All of our vehicle maintenance is performed onsite at our state-of-the-art five acre maintenance facility, located in Northern Virginia, a short distance from the nation's capital. As we mentioned above, 10,000 hours is the minimum threshold to be an expert. Our highly-skilled five-person maintenance team averages 10+ years of professional experience or an average of over 20,000 hours per person.

Our excellent record of maintenance on our vehicles, has create extra free time for our company-owned tow truck to provide roadside assistance service to other bus companies in the area.

Your safety is our primary concern.